Welcome to the seminar on 20 March 2024 in Oslo

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Deputy Mayor joined seminar from the bomb shelter

To the members of the Norwegian Parliament

A seminar was organized at Lyngdal Town Hall organized by Ukraine House in Norway and Support to the people of Ukraine. Participants were Lyngdal municipality with mayor Unni Nilsen Husøy and Farsund municipality's mayor Ingrid Merethe Williamsen. Thanks to committed mayors 💙💛

ordforere pkhPer-Kaare Holdal, member of the board, welcomes the mayor of Lyngdal, Unni Nilsen Husøy, and the mayor of Farsund, Ingrid Merethe Williamsen to the seminar.

The same night and in the morning hours, before the seminar, hospitals, schools and private homes were affected by Russian war crimes.

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Tablets to the schools in Ukraine

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Teaching also often has to take place in bomb rooms.

Support to the People of Ukraine is an independent and non-profit organisation that takes care of children who lost one or both parents in the war.  Currently, many do not have the opportunity to attend school face-to-face, so they need simple laptops or tablets.

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Ukraine in freedom in Europe

1Ukraine's road to democracy and freedom has been a long and brutal struggle. For more than 100 years they have been fighting for freedom. Now is the struggle for freedom more brutal than ever, and never before has Ukraine been more dependent on the civilized free world.

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We demand Russia be recognized as a terrorist state

We came together a group of Norwegians and Ukrainians to bring attention to Russia’s brutal invasion and crimes against humanity.

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