Holodomor as genocide

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In 1932-33, upwards of 10 million people perished in a widespread famine throughout the Ukraine. Estimates vary, but the staggering death toll is undeniable. The causes are debated intensely by various factions, citing reasons ranging from politically motivated intentional starvation to horrible mismanagement of collectivized farming. 

But what remains notable is the relative lack of awareness of the events, in contrast with the Holocaust. The Holodomor, or “Death by Starvation”, was easily just as great a tragedy as any other, but perhaps more so, because of the silence surrounding it.
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Hank Oslo, Hans Lander, Adam Smith and Nick Mason

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The denial

Denial of Holodomor

“Any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda".

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Recognition Holodomor as genocide

Not all states have recognized Holodomor.  Our goal is like UNESCO’s “building peace in the minds of men”

Gareth Jones about Holodomor

This is the first academic study of Gareth Jones, now recognized as one of the first journalists to reveal the horror of the Holodomor, the Soviet Government-induced famine in the early 1930s, which killed millions of Ukrainians.

Of interest to students of journalism, eastern-European history and political studies this book provides a fascinating insight about one of the most devastating events of the twentieth century and the social, economic and political factors that contributed to the famine.

Traveling as a foreign affairs adviser to David Lloyd George and Ivy Lee, two of the most influential people at that time, the Aberystwyth and Cambridge-educated Jones, a fluent Russian-speaker, investigated reports, denied by the Soviet Government, that their Five-Year Plan had led to mass starvation by visiting the affected region and the Ukrainian people.

His numerous articles published in the UK (Evening Standard, Daily Express and Western Mail) as well as those written about him in the USA (New York Evening Post and Chicago Daily News) exposed the Holodomor, but Jones's credibility and integrity were immediately attacked and denigrated by the Soviet Government and its sympathizers within the journalistic profession such as Walter Duranty of the New York Times.