Memorial day for the peace of 8 May 1945 and for peace and freedom in Ukraine

8 mai 2024On 8 May we mark the day of remembrance and reconciliation and victory over Nazism in the Second World War, amid a terrorist war from Russia. The world hoped - "Never again", but the tragedies are repeated. The hope and belief in victory, freedom, and peace for Ukraine will also be in focus.

17.00 -Flowers and speech at the Ukrainian memorial  by Knut Straume, UN Association (photo)

Lyngdal Municipal Council Hall

18.00 - Opening song by Celine Larsen and speech by Knut Straume, United Nations Association of Norway
18.15 - When peace came to Norway in 1945 - Magne Haugland, historian and author
18.25 - Journalists are important in the fight for freedom for Ukraine - Volodymyr Buha, Ukrainian Union of Journalists. Buha tells and shows a video about the journalists' union's role in the war in Ukraine, when the war broke out Ukrainian journalists had to adjust to everyday life as war reporters.
18.45 - Ukraine in a peaceful and democratic Europe - Maryna Rabinovych, postdoctoral fellow, Department of Political Science and Management, University of Agder
19.15 - "Children from Ukraine" for 30 years - Dagfinn Kroslid
19.30 - From the Youth in Kryvyi Rih and Ukraine - Aurika Shvets
19.40 - Support to Kryvyi Rih, which has a Solidarity and Partnership Agreement with Lyngdal municipality - Per-Kaare Holdal, Support to the people of Ukraine
19.50 - Break  
20.15 - Dialogue and questions to the speakers

              - Introduction by business manager culture Jan Seland, Lyngdal municipality
21.00 - End

Opportunity to help contribute with money for truck shipping of aid to Ukraine.

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