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Ukraine Culture

Ukrainian culture refers to people living in Ukraine as well as to numerous diaspora of Ukrainian population around the globe.

Culture of Ukraine is closely related to neighbour countries such as Russia and Poland. However some Western European states and Turkey left a signiffican footprint in Ukraine history.

Let’s check out some major aspects of Ukrainian culture.



Eastern Ortodox Christianity dominates among beliefs of Ukrainians. There are supporters of both Ukrainian and Russian Ordotodox churches. They mostly live in central and eastern Ukraine respectively. In western Ukraine most people support Eastern Catholic or Greek Catholic religion, which unites Ortodox rites and Catholic rules.

Other religious minorities are muslims, mainly among Tatar society in Crimea, protestants and some other forms of beliefs.

Customs and Traditions

Customs and Traditions

Ukrainians are pretty traditional nation. It is still very important for most people to follow religious customs and in a bit less extent national traditions. Otherwise social judgement might affect person’s reputation, solcial status and self confidence. For example, it is almost unexceptable for family not to baptise their child and taking religious marriages in church are very common and are socially obligatory in rural areas.

For centuries following national customs was banned by numerous occupational regimes in Ukraine. However, national customs like Vechornytsi (evening gatherings of girls on St. Andrew day – December 13th) or traditional holidays such as Ivana Kupala (St. George – JUly 7th) are becoming more and more popular in urban areas among young population.

Food and Cuisine

Food and Cuisine

Food is an important part of Ukraine culture.

Most popular dishes are varenyky, borshch, golubci (cabbage rolls), salo, pampukhy, Kyiv chicken meatball etc…

There are also special dishes consumed only on particular events. For example, kutya is served together with other eleven meals on Christmas eve.

Beaf and pork meat is used in most dishes and bread is present on every table. The latter one is simply a rule.

No party or holiday is possible wihtout alcohol presence. Bring vodka or beer and you won’t miss.

As a desert Ukrainians usually drink tea or coffee with a cake or fruit snack.

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Dance and Music

Dance and Music

Probably the most popular Ukrainian dance is Gopak. Evovlving through centuries this energetic dance can be easily considered as Cossack brake dance perfomed by men.

People also dance in pairs on weddings and other events or holidays.

As in most world’s cultures music plays a signifficant role in national identity. Most famous musical instrument is probably bandura being popular in 15-19 centuries in central and eastern Ukraine. Carpathian region can be proud with 3-meter long Hutsul trembitas, sound of which can be heard for kilometers.



One of a few positive impacts of Soviet rule is active sport propaganda and eveloping infrastructure. Numerous sport bases were built in the Carpathian mountainsCrimea and in other pictures perfect places for outdoors. Unfortunately at the moment most business people in Ukraine are busy with shopping malls constructions and the whole national sport infrastructure is in preety poor condition.

However thank’s to the European Football Champoinship 2012 new stadiums and summer sports infrastructure developed signifficantly. Ukraine is also bidding to host Winter Olympics 2022 which gives a hope in bright future.

Notwithstanding that few ski resorts are worth paying a visit to. Bukovel, according to New York Times, is one of the top-20 fast developing ski resort in the world. There are also nice slopes in Slavsko, Pylypets and Dragobrat.

Few global known sport athletes are Ukrainians. Among them are box fighters Klitchko brothers, football player Andriy Shevchenko, tennis player Andriy Medvedev etc.