Condemnation of conference in Oslo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine condemned the planned conference about Crimea in Oslo.

This was stated in a statement on the Foreign Ministry's website, on Thursday, March 5. According to the department, this conference is Russia's attempt to legitimize the annexation of the peninsula.

"We consider the initiative to hold the so-called Crimean Conference in Oslo at the end of March as another attempt by the Russian propaganda machinery and misinformation  to give legitimacy to its illegal and condemned attempts to annex the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea."

The Foreign Ministry recalled that Norway had fully acceded to EU sanctions against the Russian Federation, and this position was reaffirmed by Ambassador Ole T. Horpestad on the 4 March.

We will remind, on February 26, President Vladimir Zelensky established the Day of resistance to occupation of Crimea.

President Vladimir Zelensky also promised to do everything to raise the Ukrainian flag over Crimea.

We from s2pu are very concerned about this one-sided focus on justifying Russia's occupation of Crimea. This is a violation of international law. We require participation at this conference in Oslo as speakers, unless it has to be canceled by the organizers or the Norwegian authorities.

Russia is in war with our European neighbors and this should be the focus of the conference.

Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has responded to Moscow's intention to hold a conference on Russia-occupied Crimea in Norway.

"We consider the initiative to hold the so-called conference on Crimea in Oslo late in March as another attempt by the Russian propaganda and disinformation machine to put a varnish of legality on its illegal attempts, which were condemned by the entire civilized world, to annex the Autonomous Republic of Crimea from Ukraine. This is not the first time that Moscow has resorted to the services of its apologists whose point of view is astronomically far from the official one and is marginal in the global, European and, in this case, Norwegian context. Thus, we consider the provocation with the so-called conference as an attempt of wishful thinking," according to a statement by Press Secretary of Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kateryna Zelenko.

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