Worthy May 8 commemoration in Lyngdal for memory and for peace

The 8th May commemoration organized by us at s2pU was both worthy and professionally good in Lyngdal.

The marking focused on the Peace Days in Lyngdal and Norway on 8 May 1945. Naturally, for us in s2pU, the demand and desire for peace in Ukraine were most focused on. Of course, we then focused on solidarity with the Ukrainian people as the main theme.

The program

Here is the presentation and photo from the 8 May commemoration

From right: Natalia Litvinchuk, Knut Straume, and Olga Shvets are at the Ukrainian memorial.

17.00 - Speech  (pdf) and laying of flowers at the Ukrainian memorial by Knut Straume, United Nations Association of Norway - video

From right:  Knut Straume, Natalia Litvinchuk, Aurika Shvets and Olga Shvets 

In the city-hall in Lyngdal - the welcome speech by Knut Straume (pdf), United Nations Association of Norway. Interpreted by Aurika Shvets

 The days when the peace came to Lyngdal and Norway 8 May 1945 was presented by our local author and historian Magne Haugland.

Journalists are important in the fight for freedom for Ukraine was the theme of Volodymyr Buha, Ukrainian Union of Journalists' speech (pdf). Buha told and showed a video about the role of the journalists' union in the war in Ukraine, when the war broke out Ukrainian journalists had to adapt to everyday life as war reporters.  Video no 1 and no 2.

Ukraine in a peaceful and democratic Europe (pdf) was the topic of Maryna Rabinovych, postdoctoral fellow, Department of Political Science and Management, University of Agder, in her speech. It was a very interesting lecture that focused on both the tragic war from its neighbors, but not least Ukraine's place in a democratic world.

"Children from Ukraine" for 30 years was the content of Dagfinn Kroslid's speech to the assembly. It is an impressive effort that the organization has carried out for 30 years, starting in May 1994. Many trailers have driven with help from Southern Norway to Ukraine. And now we are collaborating on a large transport with help to Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.

As a thank you from us at s2pU, Kroslid got a gift, a jacket from the brand M-Tac, which is President Zelensky's often-used brand.  His organization has sent a lot of clothes to Ukraine, and now he got this jacket produced in Ukraine.  

Foto: Olga Shvets

 From the youth of Kryvyi Rih and Ukraine, young Aurika Shvets headlined her speech on this Freedom Day.  You can read more about Aurika's speech here.

In the speech to the head of Support to the people of Ukraine, Per-Kaare Holdal (pdf), he focused on "Support to Kryvyi Rih, which has a solidarity and partnership agreement with Lyngdal municipality". He was impatient and had expected a different reaction to s2pU's proposals and initiatives for projects and cooperation with a Ukrainian city/municipality.

- A school class in Kryvyi Rih is about the same size as a class in Lyngdal, and a football team is exactly the same size in both. It is not about size, but about people who want something and who want solidarity, Holdal said.

Head of culture Jan Seland in Lyngdal municipality ended the day by saying, among other things:

First of all, thanks to s2pU and Children from Ukraine who have organized this gathering.  And congratulations to Children from Ukraine on their 30th anniversary.

I think it's great that Ukraine is connected to May 8.

Ukraine fights for the right to its own country, for the right to be able to decide for itself, and for its history, culture and language. They also fight for our values. For a world order where it is not the right of the strongest that rules, but where democracy rules. There are many parallels with the battle Norway fought during the war years during World War II.

Yesterday I was at a meeting with Norwegian municipalities that have friendly cooperation with Ukrainian cities. The deputy mayor from Kherson participated here. He told a little about the situation they were in and summarized in the following few words. We do what we can.  If we shuffle the order a bit, we get what can we do?....

I think this is something to take with you further.

Foto: Olga Shvets

alle 2

The end of the peace May 8 commemoration with some of those who spoke. Unfortunately, someone had to leave a little earlier. From left: Dagfinn Kroslid, Magne Haugland, Volodymyr Buha, Jan Seland, Aurika Shvets and Per-Kaare Holdal. Photo: Olga Shvets.

Det hele ble avsluttet med Slava Ukraini!  💙🕊💛

 new beginning

Anna Radionova is a lady from Ukraine living in Lyngdal. She has collaborated with us on several occasions, and her work with oil painting and acrylic paints impresses us greatly. She donates this acrylic painting to us so that it can contribute to the transport of humanitarian aid to Kryvyi Rih as Children from Ukraine and we work with. A trailer transport to Ukraine costs NOK 50,000 and any help is good help on this occasion.  Anna is also making very nice portraits as you may see on her facebook site.

In collaboration with Anna Radionova, we are auctioning this work of hers in acrylic paint called "New beginning". We accept bids by email or on our Facebook page. And the entire sale price goes as a contribution to shipping costs. Welcome to bid.  The bid deadline is 20 May 2024.

anna radionova

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