Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg meet President Putin

solberg forsidenThe Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg will meet President Putin tomorrow. The meeting takes place under the auspices of Russia’s international Arctic forum, “Arctic Territory of Dialogue”, which is held in St. Petersburg.

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Enduring support for Ukrainian

Screenshot 2019 04 06 at 20.11.01 EditedG7 FOREIGN MINISTERS COMMUNIQUÉ: 

We reiterate our enduring support for Ukrainian sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. This includes our non-recognition of Russia’s claim to have annexed Crimea.

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Volodymyr Zelensky promised


Zelensky promised resumption of judicial reform and "first landing" immediately after the election. 

The reform of the judiciary for President Petro Poroshenko was largely an imitation of reform, so the presidential candidate's candidate Vladimir Zelensky intends to restart in the event of a victory in the presidential election.

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Screening tests for cancer


From the summer Ukrainians will be able to do screening tests for cancer free of charge - Suprun.

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Business and the next President

Screenshot 2019 04 03 at 16.55.59 Edited

What the Business Community Wants from Ukraine’s Next President? 

As Ukrainians prepare to elect their next president later this month, whoever wins, either Petro Poroshenko or newcomer Volodymyr Zelenskiy, he will need to focus on attracting FDI (foreign direct investment).

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