Peace is based on dialogue, humility, respect and transparency which allows us to learn about each other. By learning about each other, unmanageable situations can become manageable. Peace build relationships in a community and strengthen the social fabric. Peace opens the door to co-existence and developement.

We invite all parts to come together to talk - to talk about children and human - to make the best salutions.  Through dialogue, we can learn to find similarities unnoticed before, and even come to respect and sometimes appreciate differences. Through dialogue, we come together as human beings first to find inclusive solutions to the challenges we face today.

We invite you, grown up, to talk about the children and what is best for them; your child and your grandchild.  Please join us in the dialog.

The long-term benefits of dialogue are improved relations and cooperation in the community, often enabling further development through social and political action. Dialogue brings slow and lasting results, change from within the community itself and brings on constructive solutions.


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