We remember war victims from World War II in Lyngdal, Norway

Christmas 2021

Lyngdal Cemetery, Agder, Norway

lyngdal kirke

Aleksandr Bokhinskij
Born 1915

Paraskanskij rajon, Kiev oblast, Ukraina

Died May 25, 1945

Knaben, Fjotland (Kvinesdal), Vest-Agder, Norge

Pavel Aleksejevitsj Botsjarov
Born December 15, 1914

Ploskoje, Kiev oblast, Ukraina

Died September 20, 1942

Lyngdal, Lyngdal, Vest-Agder, Norge

In 1953, 15 Soviet dead who had previously been buried elsewhere were buried in Lyngdal Cemetery. They were moved here from Austad cemetery (2 dead), Kvås (6), Vemestad (7), Netlandsnes cemetery (2) and Spind cemetery (4).

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We wish that the Ukrainian people will end their suffering and have peace in the new year 2022.