Children injured or killed in Donbas

More than 430,000 children continue to bear the brunt of eastern Ukraine conflict

S2PU calls on all parties to end ongoing fighting

The victims of russian aggression

Children have become victims of landmines, been shot or struck by shelling and even been run over by military vehicles. War leaves many kids with deep psychological trauma.

More than five years of conflict have been devastating for children on either side of the contact line. This includes;

  • 172 children, the youngest a one-year-old girl, have been injured or killed due to mines or other explosive remnants of war.
  • 36 attacks on schools were reported this year alone, including one school being damaged 15 times. Over 750 educational facilities have either been damaged or destroyed since the conflict began.
  • Vital water and sanitation infrastructure have come under attack 80 times this year. There have been more than 300 of these incidents in the last three years.
  • 430,000 children live with psychological wounds and need ongoing support to address the emotional trauma of growing up in a prolonged conflict.
  • 2 million children, women and men are at risk of death and injury from landmines and other explosive remnants of war, as eastern Ukraine is now one of the most mine-contaminated places on earth.