A new victory for the democracy

President Zelensky celebrates another big win for the ukrainian democracy

Servant of the People scored a historic landslide: 246 seat mandates in the 424-seat parliament through both the party list vote and Ukraine’s many single-member districts, according to preliminary results as of 10 a.m. on July 22. That gives the party enough seats to rule without forming a coalition government.

Zelensky thanked the people of Ukraine for their trust and support.

“Tonight we may relax, but not too much,” he said. “Tomorrow we have to get down to work. We will work on everything we have promised to Ukrainians: to stop the war, return our prisoners, and defeat corruption.”

Answering questions from journalists, the president said he was talking to potential candidates for Prime Minister. He wants the future head of government to be a professional economist who has never held a top political post, who is independent and respected in both Ukraine and in the west.