Deputy Mayor joined seminar from the bomb shelter

To the members of the Norwegian Parliament

A seminar was organized at Lyngdal Town Hall organized by Ukraine House in Norway and Support to the people of Ukraine. Participants were Lyngdal municipality with mayor Unni Nilsen Husøy and Farsund municipality's mayor Ingrid Merethe Williamsen. Thanks to committed mayors 💙💛

ordforere pkhPer-Kaare Holdal, member of the board, welcomes the mayor of Lyngdal, Unni Nilsen Husøy, and the mayor of Farsund, Ingrid Merethe Williamsen to the seminar.

The same night and in the morning hours, before the seminar, hospitals, schools and private homes were affected by Russian war crimes.

Lyngdal municipality signed Solidarity and Partnership with Kryvyi Rih on 20 June 2023.  1 side 240105

Among others, we had on video link Ihor Holovchenko, Chargé d`affaires, the Ukrainian Embassy in Norway and Kryvyi Rih by Deputy Mayor Sergeii Muliutin.  Deputy Mayor Sergeii Muliutin was speaking  from the bomb room under the town hall.  

Janne Nystøl from the county committee in Agder County Municipality also participated with a presentation at the seminar.

The agenda included what Norwegian municipalities could help the Ukrainian cities/municipalities with which they have Solidarity and Partnership. At a seminar we organized in collaboration with the Ukrainian Embassy and KS on 29 August 2023, State Secretary in the Foreign Ministry Eivind Vad Petersson said this.

The White paper about the Nansen program is to be discussed in the Norwegian Parliament shortly, and Deputy Mayor Sergeii Muliutin from Kryvyi Rih, made constructive suggestions for the Nansen program. We therefore allow this to be shared with you and also attach the report from the seminar:

- To stabilize the psychological state of people who have been under constant shelling for two years, I ask you to consider grants for the creation of psychological and medical rehabilitation centers, as well as equipping our hospitals with modern equipment.

- We are also interested in planning the future together. In particular, this applies to the start of contacts between Ukrainian and Norwegian businesses now, so that active cooperation can be started after the end of the war. In Kryvyi Rih, for example, we have prepared the opening of a technology park, which has tax incentives for opening new factories.

- To raise the teaching level according to European standards, we are interested in internships and exchange of experience by our teachers at schools, colleges, and universities in Norwegian educational institutions.

- At the municipal level, we are very interested in exchanging experiences regarding the introduction of energy-saving technologies. As part of this, we propose to hold a joint environmental forum in the summer. This is very relevant for Kryvyi Rih, which is the largest industrial center in the country. Before the war, our city accounted for about 9% of the country's GDP. After the war, given the destruction of a large number of cities in Ukraine, our share will be greater. Considering the security component, representatives for Norway can either come in person or join online.

- Support small and medium-sized enterprises in Kryvyi Rih, as well as loans to medium-sized enterprises.

If there are any questions, we are happy to provide further information and wish you the best of luck with the treatment. Norwegian municipalities' willingness to help is great, and they receive direct information from the municipalities and cities they have entered into Solidarity and Partnership with where and what help is wanted.

At the same time, we are aware of the challenges with this and are therefore happy that it is all coordinated from the KS International project.

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