Ukraine in freedom in Europe

1Ukraine's road to democracy and freedom has been a long and brutal struggle. For more than 100 years they have been fighting for freedom. Now is the struggle for freedom more brutal than ever, and never before has Ukraine been more dependent on the civilized free world.

Ukraine was on the right track with positive development for the young democracy, in the fight against corruption and for a more open society. This was perhaps the biggest threat to neighboring Russia. This could threaten the autocracy and the few powerful people at the top. Thus, the inhumane solution for the dictatorship was to destroy Ukraine.

Anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the countries participating in the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (OECD/ACN). OECD/ACN was established in 1998 and provides a regional forum for promoting anti-corruption activities, exchange of information, development of best practices and donor coordination.

An OECD report prepared before Russia's brutal attack on Ukraine examines Ukraine's anti-corruption framework and practices based on the criteria to test the new methodology for the 5th monitoring round of the Istanbul Anti-Corruption Action Plan. The report analyzes Ukraine's anti-corruption institutions, the investigation and prosecution of corruption offenses and the overall enforcement framework. For each analysis area, the report identifies areas for improvement and makes recommendations. The report broadly concludes that Ukraine was on the right track. The work was in line with the UN Convention against Corruption, which is the only legally binding universal anti-corruption instrument. The convention covers five main areas:

  • preventive measures
  • criminalization and law enforcement
  • international cooperation
  • recovery of assets
  • technical assistance and information exchange.

The fight within the fight
The fight against corruption continues, although Ukraine is in the midst of a defensive battle for its very existence. If Ukraine as a free country is to become part of Europe, one of the conditions is that they succeed in the anti-corruption work. But the fight against corruption is also internal. This is one of the reasons why President Zelensky is becoming increasingly less popular at home. The work against corruption affects those who have made a fortune, and continue to do so, in the black economy. The current board of Ukraine aims to win this battle, also to satisfy the requirements for becoming a member of the EU.

In this match too, Ukraine needs understanding and support to win. This will provide a safer and more stable Europe and the world. Ukraine's future is in freedom, and as one of the free world, This is what the Ukrainian people are fighting for.

Nina Svetlyska, chairman of Ukraine House in Norway - 
Per-Kaare Holdal, chairman of Support to the people of Ukraine

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