Prove that the Holodomor was planned

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The SBU unveiled documents and photos of rebellions against Stalin on the eve of the Holodomor

The documents prove that the Holodomor was planned by a punitive operation.

An exhibition "Resistance to Genocide" was opened in the Ukrainian House in Kyiv, where documents and photographs were presented, proving that, on the eve of the Holodomor, in 1932, insurrections against Stalin's rule took place in Ukraine.

As documents and photographs testify, the resistance was not single, but massive, and lasted for years. Total genocide of 1932-1933. In Ukraine, there were about 5000 uprisings.

"Based on the documents, we can show people: in fact, before the Holodomor, people opposed the Soviet government: they were both individual peasant performances and organized ones, which covered several villages and lasted for more than a month, to stop the people and was conceived by the Holodomor. they prove it, they are stored in the SBU's archive, some of which are shown here ", - said Director of the Archives of the SBU Igor Kulik.

According to historians, precisely the fear of the Ukrainian liberation movement forced Stalin and his entourage to resort to the Holodomor-genocide in 1932-1933, the New Time reports.

"The uprising in Ukraine jeopardized the realization of Stalin's plans, because 56% of protest actions in the USSR occurred in the USSR in the first half of 1932. The Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine was a multiple-punitive punitive operation directed against the Ukrainian nation, since its revival was a threat to existence the communist empire ", - says the head of the author's collective of the exhibition historian Vladimir Tilishchak, deputy chairman of the UINP.

Unique photos of peasant uprisings, as well as diaries of witnesses of the genocide, can be seen not only at the exhibition, but also on the Web. The SBU Archive and the Liberation Movement Studies Center posted photos and documents on the website of the electronic archive of the Ukrainian liberation movement.


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