North Carolina recognized Holodomor


An American state North Carolina recognized Holodomor 1932-1933 as a genocide of the Ukrainian nation. 

“North Carolina represented by Governor Roy Cooper has officially joined the honoring of the 85th anniversary of Holodomor 1932-1933 in Ukraine and recognized this tragedy as a genocide,” the message says.

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Earlier, it was reported that the U.S. Senate recognized Holodomor 1932-1933 as a genocide of the Ukrainian nation.

It was noted that the Senate included to the documents the conclusions of the U.S. government commission on Holodomor in Ukraine (as of April 22, 1988) that "Stalin and his surroundings committed a genocide against the Ukrainian nation in 1932-1933."

Therefore, the resolution condemns the regular violation of human rights, including the right for self-determination and freedom of speech, committed by the Soviet authority against the Ukrainian nation, expresses condolences to the victims and their families, contains a call for spreading of the information to raise awareness of the world about an artificial nature of this tragedy.

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