Ilja Mandelbaum

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Ilya Mandelbaum was born in Ukraine in 1909 and he married Ukrainian Maria who was a doctor. They had a son, Isaac, in 1936. Ilja enlisted in the Red Army in the summer of 1941. After that, Mary and Isaac never heard from him again.

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Memory supports and memory culture

A normally constructed truth lives in the rule
a 17-18 years, maximum 20 years. Rarely anymore. "
- Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People

oedelagte minnesmerker

In the days after the German capitulation on May 8, 1945 and throughout the summer, a large number of memorials were build by the surviving prisoners of war in Nordland, in honor of their deceased brothers.

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Viktor Sjevtsjenko

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In 2008, Viktor Ivanovich Shevchenko was 79 years old. He was a prisoner of war in Norway at Ore on Lista. Here were about 1400 Ukrainian prisoners of war and they built the "Festung Lista."

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Aleksandr Jefimovitsj Voljanskij

Alexander Volyansky was born on November 2, 1920 in the city of Lyubotyn in Ukraine. He was sent to a prison camp in Skeidalen near Bodø in 1944.


Memorial to fallen comrades, erected by prisoners of war
From Oscar Bodøgaard's collection, Bodøgaard art & culture

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Vladimir Leidiker


Vladimir Leidiker experienced the German invasion of Ukraine in 1941. At that time, they were bombed and many were killed and shot.

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