Ukrainians in the Red Army and the liberation of Norway



In 2010, during the traditional annual televised conversation with citizens of Russia, the then prime minister Vladimir Putin made the following statement:

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Ukrainian heroes who fought for Norway

fedirUkrainian efforts in the north for the liberation of Norway

It is obvious that the majority of Ukrainians were summoned to the four Ukrainian fronts, but still the Ukrainians made a significant contribution to the liberation of Norway.

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The history of Ukraine

1 traditionHistorically and in terms of population, Ukraine is part of the East Slavic core area from which Slavic tribes from the 5th century onwards spread in all directions. Ukraine has a historical starting point in the state of Kyiv (Kyivskaya-Rus ca. 860-1240). Ukraine views the Cossack tradition as a restoration of its historical heritage.  Russia's territorial expansions as a result of the Polish partitions in the period 1772-1795, brought most Ukrainians under Russian rule.

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Norway do not know about the Ukrainian efforts ?


oedelagte minnesmerker

A normally constructed truth lives in the rule
a 17-18 years, maximum 20 years. Rarely anymore. "
- Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People

“The common slogan ’20 million Russian ward dead’ is, I believe, wrong in each of its constituent parts. It refers for example, not to Russians, but to Soviet citizens. Therefore, it includes large numbers of Ukrainians, of Poles, of Jews, of all the nationalities of the Soviet Union who were victims of one sort or another during the war.” (Norman Davies)

The Ukrainians carried at least 40% of losses of the USSR in WWII.  

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The Ukrainian who fought in the Battle of Narvik

Officers and OR awarded the Norweigan War Cross 2Wasyl Cykwa's later William Campbell (born 7th May 1914, died 30th June 2004 in Glasgow) was a Polish-Ukrainian soldier during World War II. He distinguished himself in the battle of Narvik and was awarded the Norwegian War Cross with swords for his efforts.

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