From us,Ukrainians in Norway

to the
Norwegian, parliament

Our foremothers and - fathers in memory 

Please, Stand With Ukraine

We, all Ukrainians, are fighting for peace, freedom and democracy.

Recognizing the Holodomor does not cost money for you Norwegian politicians, but it means a lot for our memories, and for a better future for everyone.

The Holodomor was unprecedented in recorded history. Millions of Ukrainians of all confessions were condemned by Josef Stalin to die by starvation at the hands of a brutal and repressive Soviet government. For decades, this profound massacre was denied its rightful place in history.

Your nation with one man, Johan Ludwig Mowincle tried to help us. The nation of this man must not fail in not recognizing the genocide of Holodomor.  It has to be a politician decision the 30 March 2023 as other countries recognize the genocide of our people.

Ninel Svetlynska and Olga Shvets

Thank you for protection in Norway

26 March 2023

Another video from Ninel

Years since the genocide

- A genocide begins with the killing of a man, not for what he has done, but because of who he is, Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General (Nobel lecture in 2001)