We demand Russia be recognized as a terrorist state


We came together a group of Norwegians and Ukrainians to bring attention to Russia’s invasion.

Approximately all members from the community displayed signs and waved Ukrainian flags, rallying against the war.

“It is difficult. When the war in Israel broke out, all the attention was drawn to Israel and Palestine and the situation there,” said Per-Kaare Holdal from s2pU.

The Ukrainian community also wants the public to be aware of the “new crimes” committed by Russia against Ukraine.

“We call on the government of Norway to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism,” said the group of Ukrainians and Norwegians.

One of the people who attended the event arrived Norway in October this year after fleeing the port city of Odessa.

“The war has continued and people are tired, and I think we must remind them about (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and what he is doing to Ukraine,” said this lady.

She says her 11-year-old son’s hearing has been impacted by Russian missiles and drone attacks.

In addition to wanting Russia designated a terrorist state, the s2pU also wants more sanctions imposed on all countries “supporting Russian aggression.”


S2pu want to contribute to a peaceful development

We are a humanitarian non-profit organization and our purpose is to support people, as well as to help people's life situation after the devastation of war. Relevant, the main focus will be helping children and their mothers.

S2pu was established January 28, 2019 and the need for help is great.

Our values:

  • Peace
  • Humanitarian
  • History and culture
  • Cooperation

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Our goal is like UNESCO’s role in “building peace in the minds of men” by promoting tolerance, understanding and dialogue between nations, as well as its impact on global educational policies and practices, it seems advisable that the knowledge about the tragedy of Holodomor be disseminated through UNESCO’s framework to ensure that the lessons of this tragic page are inculcated in young generations
"The Pacific Ocean consists of many small drops"

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