Christmas wish

Peace on earth !

"Peace on earth" is a phrase you see everywhere around Christmas time. Many of my friends wonder when peace will come to their dear homeland Ukraine. When can parents and their children go to bed and not worry about if they can get up the next morning?

"Peace on earth" also means human rights; the right to life, food, health, and personal prosperity. We are witnessing some of the most tragic crimes against humanity. The tyrannt must be called to account one day. The sooner the better.

But even though many electric lights have gone out, the hope and determination of Ukrainians shines this Christmas. They know that democracy and lights win. They want "Peace on earth".

Peace and Christmas belong together for most of us, but this Christmas they will not have any lights on the Christmas tree in Ukraine. Their highest Christmas wish is peace and that is also my wish this Christmas.

I wish peace and a peaceful new year to Ukraine and "Peace on Earth".

Per-Kaare Holdal