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Yesterday, almost all of Norway showed its support for the Ukrainian people and we are very worried about our fellow human beings in Ukraine.

Thank you for all the messages that you are strong and brave. We do our best to help. Today, S2pU submitted demands for additional Norwegian support to Norwegian key politicians. Former Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide, Liberal Party leader Guri Melby, FrP the Progress Party's leaders Sylvi Listhaug and the Green Party leader Une Bastholm.

They are ready and on Monday they demand increased financial support of 1 billion Norwegian kroner. They will also demand that Norway take the lead internationally for further aid to Ukraine, both arms aid, economic and other sanctions.

Unfortunately, the governing parties in Norway refused to meet the Ukrainian communities both in meeting and holding appeals.

We now hope that Norway's Prime Minister shows strength together with the Ukrainian people and makes the Norwegian people proud in these dark times in world history.  Welcome.

Live Ukraine and live democracy.


From right: leader of the Green Party Ane Bastholm, the Ukrainian ambassador Viacheslav Yatsiuk, leader of the Liberal Party Guri Melby and parliamentary representative for the Progress Party Bård Hoksrud

The Ukrainian Ambassador in Norway Viacheslav Yatsiuk


Declaration of Peace

Right after 4 o'clock on Thursday night 24.2. we were called by our families in Ukraine who were terrified due to explosions and that the plane alarm went off.

Russia's dictator and despot Putin had triggered war on our European continent. He has attacked our fellow human beings and relatives in Ukraine.
Countless missiles and bombs have rained down on a completely innocent population

We know that his bombs and tanks and missiles are killing our Ukrainian relatives and friends in Ukraine.

It is an attack on democracy and freedom in Europe and around the world.

This crisis is about the right of a free, sovereign independent European people to choose their own future and it is a right that we in Norway will always defend.

We urge Norwegian politicians very strongly yil to take further action against Russia that hits harder and hard enough to force the despot to his knees and to surrender full freedom back to Ukraine again. In this, Norwegian politicians must close the airspace over Norway and withdraw ALL funding that the "norwegian Oil Fund" has invested in Russia.

We wish you good luck.



from all Ukrainian communities in Norway and friends of Ukraine.

Oslo 26 February 2022


Let us join and go for peace

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