International Holodomor Memorial Day is on November 28, but the entire month of November is considered to be a time to remember the millions of our kinsmen deliberately killed in the genocidal famine of 1932-1933 by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and his henchmen.

There are many other events dedicated to the Ukrainian genocide that will be held online, ranging from the National Holodomor Museum in Kyiv, at the Norwegian Parliament in Oslo, the Toronto Annual Ukrainian Famine Lecture  and commemorations featuring testimony from the children of survivors  to countless local events throughout North America and the world.

From all the foregoing, readers can see that this year’s remembrances of the Holodomor will be different, as few of us will be able to attend and thus to personally bear witness to the genocide of our nation. It is a duty that we have willingly assumed, year after year, in order to speak for the millions lost.


International Holodomor Memorial Day two year ago