The cries from Ukraine


Easter in Ukraine before the russians came

The guests of the country have a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of Ukrainian culture, participating in the celebration of Christmas, Maslyana, Easter and Ivana Kupala (Midsummer); enjoying the mysterious rite of the wedding; 

listening Christmas carols – ‘kolyadki’ and ‘gaivki’, tasting delicious ritual food such as kutia(sweet grain pudding), Easter cake, and even joining to the exciting process of coloring Easter eggs.

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Russian tyranny has caused a tragedy for a free, proud and democratic people

A cry to our politicians

We in s2pU have been writing for many years about the war in Ukraine - 8 years. We have written and asked Norwegian and international politicians to do something. The world has for many years closed its eyes to the war that Russia has been waging in eastern Ukraine since 2014. Children and women, civilians have lived in a grenade rain for 8 years, a grenade rain that Russian soldiers have played the leading role.

But now all the focus is on Ukraine and it is not too late, dear politicians.

Please, I beg you, convey the message that all this happened after February 24th.

Now there is a catastrophic situation in Mariupol, Kramatorsk and many similar areas in Ukraine. The screams can be heard and you should listen, the screams of the children and of the women of Ukraine. These are massacres carried out by the tyrant from the Kremlin. The worst tyrannical acts since World War II.

Children and women are screaming in Bucha, a small town northwest of Kyiv. The homes were eventually hit by a grenade or a missile. The building itself did not collapse, but almost completely demolished. There is no electricity, no water, no heating and the telephone connection is cut off. Children and women are terrified of being seen or heard at all. They even blew out the lights at night so that the Russians would not see them from the windows. A sky so black, as if it were a place on the edge of civilization. A kind of apocalypse. This was the beautiful city of culture, quiet and peaceful.

A mother with her little daughter screams in fear in a town called Lubn in Poltava county. They want to flee to a peaceful country, but the old grandmother can not go now and they do not want to leave her. The daughter promises to send a nice drawing to peaceful Norway when her mother gets access to the internet.

The screams can be heard from Kharkov. Every minute mom and the little boy hear the explosions, these shots somewhere nearby, it's hard to understand, are they a target? Even though it is quiet, the silence feels ominous. It's just this constant sense of danger. And the woman had a great sense of guilt that she did not protect her children. She felt like a terrible mother because the children are in danger and they are suffering. It's cold and they have nothing to eat. So they just have to leave their home, but where?

In the Kremlin in Moscow, we hear the cheers of every person killed in Ukraine. Every child killed… The war criminal and his accomplices do not hear the screams of women and children in their piles. They do not hear the silent crying through the night from all the millions of relatives around the world.

There is only one solution and it must happen now.

The mother of the beloved child in Ukraine got in touch with the internet one afternoon, before the curfew came, the lights had to be turned off and they had to go down again in the dark and damp basement. In peaceful Norway I could receive this beautiful drawing by email from a scared 9 year old girl in Ukraine. She has even drawn a lady in a Lofoten bunad for me, the Lofoten resident. It should be well taken care of for a more beautiful day.

Per-Kaare Holdal

Support to the people of Ukraine

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