Fredsseminar og -konsert i Oslo

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Old propaganda will be like new in the Donbas

The country must be built with violence: Old propaganda will be like new in the Donbas.ingvild 1

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The moral and humanitarian catastrophe

171134616 2211379712332337 2933326830490131776 nWhat is happening in Ukraine is a great human catastrophe. Russia once again violates international rules of the game and international law. The situation is very serious, of course, for the Ukrainian people, but also for the whole of Europe. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but we have a moral responsibility to support what we can without triggering a major war and without having to fear Putin's red lines. The western world must draw its own red line and set premises. Russia's tyrant cannot escape such an unprovoked, brutal war crime. What kind of precedent would that create? And who can say he would stop there? Who said "never again"?

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The cries from Ukraine

Russian tyranny has caused a tragedy for a free and democratic people

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This is how Putin can be punished

bloody killer


Prosecuting heads of state for wars of aggression is a nut of international law, which has not been broken since the court settlement after World War II. But there may be a solution.

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