Local traditions

Ukrainians love traditions, therefore, each family has its own way of celebrating Easter. However, there are also common practices. For instance, it is customary not to sleep the night before Easter, as Orthodox people go to the cathedral for service and bring a variety of dishes with them. They take Easter cakes and eggs, meat and wine or even horilka (a drink you can try only in Ukraine), which is blessed with holy water by the priest.

Easter baskets blessing

After service, it is time to start the festivities, fill the table and extend greetings like ‘Christ is Risen’, and ‘He is Risen indeed’. Despite all the culinary treats on the table, the meal should start with Easter cake; every single crumb is eaten and never thrown into the garbage. In the interim, adults chat together, while kids play different games like bytky or ‘egg tapping’. The game is all about smashing your hard boiled egg (shell still on) into someone else’s without breaking your own. The object of the game is to be the last one standing with an unbroken egg.

Festive Easter table


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